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Patricia deVarennes

Writer, Photographer


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    Patricia deVarennes

    Writing as Patricia Ross, Patricia deVarenne's fiction and non-fiction, has appeared in anthologies and magazines including Deathport (Pocket, 1993), the Atlantic Monthly, and Cinefantastique. Her tongue-in-cheek investigative were featured in Parascope, the online magazine. Recently, her short story, "Almost Heaven on Green River" was featured in Revelation 2:2, a quarterly literary magazine available through Fourthhorseman.com . Her photos have appeared on records and cds, as well as at the online music festival site for the campy Sleazefest .

    In addition, Pat has 20 years production experience in all phases of theatre. She wrote, scored, directed, and appeared in authorized musical adaptations of the popular fantasy novels Thieves' World™ and DragonLance™. She is also an award-winning poet and songwriter.

    Her first paper on environmental technology was presented in 1992 at the Pollution Prevention II conference in Santa Barbara, California.

    Pat has designed graphic user interfaces, and written courseware for multimedia education; as well as operational and technical documentation for project management and applications development.

    Pat is currently the Senior Contributing editor of Smoke and Fire, a non-fiction quarterly journal.

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